Mau Mau LP

Mau Mau LP


Including SUPERHITS:

The Savior Is Near 00:59
The Big Boy With The Small River Name 02:12
Caspian Sea Surfin 02:12
Bang Bang 02:00
Vanilla 02:26
Surf Nazis Must Die 03:19
St John's Day 01:20
Leisure Parts 02:36
Killing In My Name 01:57
Dolores 02:36
So Long Summer Ray 07:26

Released November 25, 2016

Recorded by Bruno Barcella and Alessio Lonat at T.U.P. Studio, Brescia, Italy
Mixed by Bruno Barcella
Mastering by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Artwork by Aron Elekes & typography by Peter Csuth
All songs written by Dope Calypso.

Laszlo Kelemen - guitar
Miklos Sarkadi - guitar
Vasalo - drums

Additional vocals by Alessio Lonati on The Savior is Near

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