Dope Calypso

The Budapest based band called Dope Calypso sounds like if a garage punk group all of a sudden fell deeply in love with the delicate pop music of the late sixties. You could feel this somewhat extraordinary duplexity on their 2014 debut album Farewell To The Fairy, Goodbye To The Ghost, and although that record appeared on all of the relevant Hungarian year-end charts, the lovechild of the two completely different genres was born when the next record Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! hit the stores only eight months later in 2015. This time the two-minute long tracks lined up in full blossom: filled with obscure lyrics referring to popular culture and sacredness, telling absurd stories, but all in all perfectly working as pop songs also. Through their latest albums Mau Mau released in 2016 followed by Chaka Chaka in 2017, while maintaining the working method of publishing a new record every year, the band continues showing everyone around them how surprisingly entertaining it is when you are totally unable to take yourself seriously.

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pictures above taken by the one and only: sinco

dope calypso pool

picture taken by the fantastic: kati Edőcs


Members of this beautiful band

lászló kelemen
Miklós Sarkadi
GUITARS / Lead Vocals
keys / vocals